Middleeast Job Hunting Guide

In-Demand Professions in the Middle East

It was mentioned in the previous chapter that it is important for you to recognize your skills and include this in your consideration as to where to head for next. Here are the jobs that are highly demanded in the Middle East. Are your skills listed here?

Working in UAE, the Gulf

The UAE is a contradictory destination, an Islamic state where the DJs’ turntables stop spinning just before the muezzins’ morning call to prayer can be heard, and where a traditional Bedouin lifestyle and customs continue alongside a very Western version of rampant consumerism.

While all the countries are growing rapidly much beyond the traditional oil sector and offering career opportunities, the most attractive destination continues to be Dubai in particular and the UAE in general.

In-Demand Professions in UAE

The UAE economy is well diversified with Oil, Trading, Tourism, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Services contributing substantially to the economy. The range of opportunities is widespread laterally as well as vertically. It's therefore no surprise that we see young graduates fresh out of college moving here as often as people in mid career range, as this land of opportunities, accepts all.

There are also certain new sectors which have opened up in a big way throwing immense business and employment opportunities. These sectors are in Advertising, Media and Publishing through the Dubai Media City, Education through Knowledge Village and Academic City and IT through Silicon Oasis.

The typical positions which seem to have maximum opportunities start right from Receptionists, Secretaries, Sales and Marketing Executives, Junior and Middle level Management positions across all functional areas. However, the degree of opportunities for positions in Sales and Marketing is much higher and a clear bias towards this function is evident. This is natural, because UAE is a major trading centre and a market where the 'Consumer is the King'. Performance based commissions are generally high as also profit sharing for senior management personnel.

In-Demand Professions in Dubai (How to Get a Job in Dubai, Work and Live in Middle East: Dubai City Guide)

1. Skilled pilots
One of the booming occupations presently available is for skilled pilots, in high demand by the local hub of national airline Emirates Airline, based at Dubai International Airport. A large number of pilots from around the world have taken up the numerous, lucrative positions provided those are largely unavailable in their home countries.

2. Financial workers
Also made available are jobs for financial workers, such as accountants, particularly since the recent trend of financial institutions moving their operations into the Middle East? The high demand created by this and other factors, leads to exorbitant compensation packages for those who take up one of the many openings.

3. Management positions
Yet another opportunity, more general in prospects, is that for well-qualified persons to fill high-paying management positions in some of the new companies growing in the state, as well as in well-known companies who have set up hubs to take advantage of the bright financial position - such as Kraft Foods. These businesses have a huge need for many trained professionals, and as these are in great shortage in the region at this time, they turn to the more qualified foreigners who are all too eager to get a share of the seemingly impossible benefits associated with working in one of the few countries in the world that can honestly boast of a consistently "growing" economy.

4. Manpower in Oil industry
There are also jobs for less-skilled workers, such as those in the country's numerous oil companies, who have an ever-increasing need for manpower in order to turn a profit to one of the highest contributing individual industries to its mega-economy.

5. Hotel receptionists, bagboys, room service attendants
Also available for the working class are jobs in tourism, ranging from hotel receptionists, to bagboys, room service attendants etc. Even these jobs can easily turn a six-figure salary in the right places.

6. Bartenders and other club staff
To top it all off, Dubai holds a special attraction for fun-loving people with its numerous nightclubs and parties, yet another job opportunity for bartenders and other club staff, that provide good, more or less wholesome, relaxation after a hard day's work.

Working in Turkey

You can find jobs in Turkey simply by looking online. There are quite a few job listings to sift through. You'll need a visa, a worker's permit, and a glimpse into life in Turkey before you move over and get settled.

Here are a few things about living in Turkey:

• Overall, interactions tend to be very polite and formal and conversations are sprinkled with many niceties.

• Body language is different in Turkey than in some other countries. According to Shelter Off Shore, nodding means the same there as it does in the United States, but shaking your head back and forth will imply that you don't know the answer, rather than no. And forget about displays of affection there unless you really wish to offend onlookers. Shaking hands is okay, but tread carefully if you're shaking the hand of someone from the opposite gender. In some areas of Turkey, it’s okay; in others, it's not.

• There are so many British people there, some people view Turkey as a mini Britain, but with sun.

• The food is delicious and the climate is amazing almost year-round.

Working in Egypt

Finding jobs in foreign countries is possible simply by going online, though you will have much better results in Egypt if you have the opportunity to find a job through word of mouth. They operate greatly on the "who you know" principle, rarely listing any want ads.

If you'd prefer to keep to yourself most days, working in Egypt may not be for you. To find a job, you have to network, network and network even more. As mentioned earlier, jobs are usually advertised via word of mouth.

Print up some business cards with English on one side and Arabic on the other; prepare to hand them out at every opportunity. Also be prepared to receive dozens of business cards. This is how you'll probably find your next job once you're in the country. A good place for entrepreneurs to network in Egypt is the American Chamber of Commerce.

In-Demand Professions in Egypt

Popular industries include: textiles, food processing, tourism, pharmaceuticals, cement, and metals, according to the CIA's site.

Working in Israel

Migrant workers can work in Israel as specialists in one of the following trades: Nursing care; Agriculture; Construction; Welding and industrial professions; Hotel work; Ethnic cookery.

You may be recruited through employment agencies, both in Israel and in your native country. If recruited in your native country - you may be required to pay a recruitment fee, which must not exceed the total sum of NIS 3,050 (covering overall payments to agencies both abroad and in Israel), plus travel expenses. If you are already in Israel – it is forbidden to charge you any recruitment fee.

As of May 2005, construction workers are only employed in Israel through employment agencies. The LMC is your employer in Israel, and it assigns you to work with various building contractors.

In-Demand Professions in Israel

The most demanded jobs are doctors, meanwhile the high-tech market is booming in Israel, if you have an engineer degree or any IT degree you'll get a job instantly... Additionally, mother tongue English & an additional European language (plus, of course, Hebrew) will always get a job applicant to the front of the job queue.

Skilled translators & English teachers are always in high demand, & receive comparatively high salaries.

Fields that are most in demand in Israel today are medicine, hi-tech (software and hardware), electronics, construction and civil engineering. In the coming years, severe shortages of professionals in the fields of construction and infrastructure are foreseen.

Working in Qatar

Before applying for a job in Qatar remember that you will have to have sponsorship. Your employer will be your sponsor, and without your sponsor's permission you cannot leave the country, take out a bank loan or apply for another job!

In-Demand Professions in Qatar

The Qatar job market today has a growing number of jobs in oil and gas industries, IT firms and also quite a few in management consulting.

It does not mean that when you can’t find a job that matches your skills and experience, you should give up. On the contrary, this is your opportunity to explore your skills and capability further. What else do you see yourself doing?

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